v2.32.15 Editable Tables, Server search on dropdowns

Editable Tables


Server-side search on dropdowns.

  • Search your database as you type with a dropdown.
  • Here's a quick example of it in action


v2.32.12 GeoJSON Support

GeoJSON on Maps!

  • Plot points, lines, and polygons using GeoJSON on Retool's Map component.maps.png
  • For more info, checkout http://geojson.org/ to learn more about GeoJSON.


  • Urls do not unnecessarily decode urls in the path.
  • Fix importing CSVs in to databases via the Database Editor.

v2.32.9 Firestore support, dynamic properties

Firestore support

  • Retool now supports querying against Firestore.
  • For existing Firebase users, you'll need to modify your Firebase connection to also include your projectId
  • Here's a screenshot of what it looks like! Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.49.40 PM.png

Dynamically set toggled properties.

  • Any property on components that was controlled via a Toggle (e.g. turning on / off the required property on a TextInput can also be dynamically set! Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.52.34 PM.png
  • You can also swap back to using a normal checkbox too. Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.53.10 PM.png

v2.32.2 SCIM User Provisioning

SCIM Provisioning


  • If you were sent a link to Retool you'll be redirected to where you wanted to go even if you were asked to sign in first.

v2.31.27 Misc fixes

Filepicker: Selecting multiple files

  • The Filepicker component now also supports selecting multiple files, and parsing them. You can select multiple files by holding either the Ctrl, Cmd, or Shift modifier keys while choosing your files.
  • The Filepicker component also now supports uploading entire directories.
  • All of this can be enabled or disabled in the settings of the Filepicker.

SQL Server improvements

  • SQL Server queries that comprise of multiple queries now have a more consistent behavior.
  • For example, in the following SQL query, the .data property will contain the result of the first select statement. On the other hand, to get the result of the 2nd select statement, you can use the .dataArray property. (e.g. {{ query1.dataArray[1] }})
select * from SalesLT.Customer;
select * from SalesLT.Address;


  • The JSON Schema Form component now supports the ui:widget "date" and "datetime"
  • The Modal component's vertical size can be controlled either in pixels (500px) or percentages (80%).
  • The Rich Text Editor now has more consistent behavior when the initial value of the component is set programatically

v2.31.26 Misc Improvements and fixes

Table Improvements

  • The "pagination" ui on Tables can now be placed on the top of the top instead of the bottom of the Table.Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.23.12 AM.png
  • The "compact" Table mode now shows even more data by using shorter rows.

New and improved


  • You can now specify both the "jumphost" (also known as "bastion") host as well as the port to connect. This is helpful when trying to connect a database through an SSH Tunnel with a jumphost that uses a non-standard SSH tunnel port (e.g. 22000).
  • You can use any Retool "parameter" inside table "formatters", and "color" formatters on top of the existing self and currentRow property.
  • Intercom now correctly works for all on-premise users.
  • Long-running queries on MySQL database queries now correctly timeout after the query's "timeout" setting.

v2.31.23 Table, Form improvements

Table improvements

  • For data-dense tables, you can now also enable compact mode. Take a look below for how the tables compare. Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.31.10 AM.png
  • Tables now also formats null, true, and false values! Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.36.06 AM.png

JSON Schema Form Improvements

  • The alignment and look of controls in the JSON Schema Form have been revamped to be consistent with Retool's other components.
  • The Clear after Form Submission option on the Form now waits for the query to finish executing before clearing the form.


  • Percentages in Pie charts now show correctly in all cases.
  • Allow non-ASCII characters when parsing CSVs uploaded by the FilePicker

v2.31.21 Auto-gen forms,

Auto Generate Forms

  • Create forms for any of your database tables with just one click with the JSONSchemaForm component.
  • Retool can parse your database schema to create forms for your tables - see here to learn more: https://docs.tryretool.com/docs/generate-forms


  • Added support for uploading binary data to S3. This makes it possible to use the normal FilePicker component to upload files to `S3.
  • Added the TabbedContainer's selectedTab as an option for deep linking.
  • Added support for exporting arrays of arrays to CSV files. See below for an example
[['Name', 'Hobby'],
 ['Fred', 'Tennis'],
 ['Marry', 'Badminton']]
  • Added support for connecting to dynamically choosing the database to connect to at query run time. This makes it possible to connect Retool with sharded databases.

v2.31.15 UX and Misc improvements

Editor Improvements

  • We've optimized the sizing of everything in the Retool Editor.
  • It's now friendlier on computers with smaller screens and makes sure that you can see everything you need to without having to scroll or zoom out.


  • Microsoft SQL Server queries now support returning multiple recordsets. For example the below will now return both results in the same SQL query
-- Find all the rogers
select * from dbo.Users where name = 'Roger';
-- Find all the sarahs
select * from dbo.Users where name = 'Sarah';
  • Tables can be server-paginated without specifying the total size of the dataset being paged through.
  • In case you've forgotten how Retool works, or if you want to show a friend the basics, you can now restart the tutorial from the home screen by clicking on Do Tutorial
  • A link to our docs has been added to the sidebar.


  • Fixed: switching between production and staging now also auto-refetches the schema of your datasources

v2.31.12 PDF Exports, Javascript Queries, misc.

New PDF Exports

  • Write markdown, and get a PDF.
  • Great for creating tools to generate PDF documents (invoices, contracts, etc.)
  • Use this by using the new PDF Exporter query: Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 6.24.30 PM.png
  • To generate PDFs that look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 6.25.19 PM.png

Improved Javascript Queries

  • Javascript Queries lets you script Retool to do pretty much anything.
  • This works by invoking methods on Retool primitives (components, queries, etc.).
  • All of these operations are asynchronous - they don't immediately take effect (e.g. triggering a REST API query).
  • To help make this easier, Retool now supports promise based syntax and async-await syntax on newer browsers Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 6.26.13 PM.png

Improved Tables

  • The column of buttons can be moved to the leftmost column of the Table.
  • The header of the column of buttons can be customized.
  • Server side paginated tables no longer requires the total number of records in the dataset to page correctly.

Misc Improvements

  • Added .setValue to checkboxes

  • Added percents to pie charts

  • Added the HTML class ._retool-${id} to containers

  • Fixed: GraphQL errors have been improved

  • Fixed: Allow underscores in odbc based connections

  • Fixed: SAML login cast to lower case for consistency

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